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Please contact us for other customized options for larger wedding celebrations.

Step 1,

Congratulations on your forthcoming plans and thank you for contacting as your 1st step, the perfect step forward…. towards your special day

Step 2,

Once you have given us your ideas or interest in any of the above packages for your special day, your friendly, approachable contact person will look forward to finding out and working on your package to deliver to you simple and straight forward, easy to understand options and planning and all the information and details, prices and availability you will need.

Step 3,

To proceed please then contact the Greek Embassy in your country to obtain up to date information, legislation details and plan to obtain your documents, official translations and anything else you will require to be able to marry in Greece. As per the information offered in the section ‘Why Use’.

Step 4,

By choosing to use the services of we are just an email away in contact, throughout assisting in arranging your plans and arrangements for the most special day in your life.

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