PhotographyOur photographer will capture the aura and emotions of the wedding day by combining spontaneous, storytelling photography.
Each event is an individual creation and has its own unique personality.

We go above and beyond to make memorable, unique photographs, and ensure your complete satisfaction.

All of the beauty and splendor of Parga is at your disposal for your photography session. Whether you imagine sandy beaches, dramatic sea cliffs, secluded natural waterfalls there is always a perfect spot in Parga for your portraits.
Parga also offers you a variety of other beautiful photography settings and breathtaking views from the higher elevations.
Once you have experienced the majesty and serenity of Parga for yourself, you will know why you will want to capture your magical Parga memories forever.

Beach locations
Thinking about a beach location for your wedding photographs? Your wedding photographers will travel with you to any of the numerous beaches Parga has to offer.

There are so many beaches to choose in the area it will be easy for you to find the perfect setting for you wedding photographs.


Panagias Island
Panagias Island is a beautiful location for your wedding photographs, with an amazing view on Parga.

Hotels & Alternative Locations
If you would prefer an indoor setting for your wedding photographs, has many beautiful hotels scattered around and an array of other alternative locations.

Instant Memories will turn your vision of how you wish your wedding day to be captured, into the wedding photo images you have always dreamed of.
From an intimate, candid style of wedding photography to a more traditional and classic format.

PhotographyPlease contact us for more information and prices.
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